Saturday, 14 February 2009

I started my 5 year diary today, on 14/02/09. this might be interesting.

also i got an amazing Animal Stories book from lizzy in the valentines day mail, its actually too good.
It was published in 1968 and has that perfect old book smell.

valentines day is almost over i guess, i'l be out with a whiskey head on tonight. last night was halarious, me dan and ryan climbed over the building site gates and were fooling around on the half built building on my road, when we got to the 2nd floor there was a fox there staring at us, so cool. i took my camera out so i'm looking forward to seeing the film developed.

on the 4th floor i was skating around under the spotlights and i've not had so much fun ages. At the top there was wet cement so there's a big 'J' in a love heart (it was 3am on valentines day) and all of our initials. Then we hoped the fence and ran off with dan wearing a high-vis jacket he found, smooooth

hi February.

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