Monday, 30 March 2009

I think that this song is about how one life is no different than any other. A very negative existential point of view. It's important to note that a cockroach is a prehistoric insect that has been around forever just doing the same thing and just won't go away. He's saying that everyone is just "Doin the Cockroach" and just living for years and years never really changing what they're doing.

So I guess you could say mimicking the cockroach could leave you doing the same thing forever never changing, kind of like a escape defense mechanism: If you never face the obstacle, there's no way you can fail so you don't need to fear failure. A cockroach is immune to radiation which is one of the major denominators in the extiction of the human race. So "Doin' the Cockroach" you are immune to failure (Radiation) by avoiding any obstacles that come your way. Unfortunately this would bar you from ever trying anything so you would just be the same for your entire lifetime, just like a cockroach.

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