Monday, 8 June 2009

another day in the basement

I don't know why i'm posting photos of a half finished poster but oh well. Here's 1 of the 2 colours i'm going to use for the My Love's Subliminal poster, next up is a dirty grape purple mixed weak over the top to give definition to the moon and stars but not drown anything, i hope, watch this space for the result. Its series number of 8, yet there will be a secret print number 9 of 8, taken from Leif Erikson lyrics.

The clock is set for nine but you know you're gonna make it eight
All the people that you've loved they're all bound to leave some keepsakes 
I've been swinging all the time think it's time I learned your way
I picture you and me together in the jungle it will be ok 

fingers crossed it'l be miles of smiles tomorrow, bye!

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