Sunday, 28 June 2009

York, Summer Vacation

okay so we went to see Transformers, after taking in all the kinda crap but action filled megan fox fest ( she's such a fox) we hit the river on our bikes, after drinking our bottles and pushing out floating tea lights on the midnight River Ouse (lovely) i get a speakerphone phone-call from Bon Iver playing live in Glasto ( lovely x 1000,elle <3) followed by a late night explore, along the river bank we find a raft, (lol) this is a shit camera phone photo ( curses for not having my actual camera ), of York, as viewed from down river, with me and andy out in the dark, on a raft made out of bottles by some kids. moments after getting back to the bank, a speeding boat cuts up the river where we just were and oh man we would have sunk if we were still out. can't wait for tomorrow.


simonrotherham said...

you found Tulula! im glad you enjoyed it. where have you left her?
and just for the record, that boat was not made by kids. it was made by me, 18 and my friend who is 19.

Joe Skilton said...

woah congratulations!
i hope you know where tulula is, because we tied her up, and returned today for some more raft fun but alas she wasn't there!!
heartbreak for us be we kept on cycling and found so fun regardless,
but tragedy if she's gone!!

Anonymous said...

simon you built tulula! thankyou!! it was fun