Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Died Young Stayed Pretty

Poster I designed for the Edinburgh screening of Died Young Stayed Pretty, hosted by these peöple.
3 colour silk screen. numbered edition of 15.
The remaining Died Young Stayed Pretty Posters were collected by the ECA after the event and were sold at auction for charity.


Ellie-Sue said...

Hey, just wanted to say me + others saw this poster in eca and thought it was tops. We almost tried to steal it but redeemed oursleves in the end. Wish I had known there was an auction!
So, cheers.

Joe Skilton said...

aw cheers! haha you should have totally stolen it, but thankyou for not i guess! I didn't even save one for myself so i might do another run of them as they're going to be included in the UK DVD release of the movie. I'll make sure there's some for you!