Friday, 8 January 2010

January Twenty Something

needely mouth, bloody tongue

I had a surprise visit to the doctors the other day because my cheek hurt, and I found out my wisdom teeth are in the wrong place and I was basically forever biting my gums, awesome. Thinking that was that and i could go home and just be more careful, i learned i was actually in for some quick dentistry. After those lovely needles and injections in my mouth that everyone loves, Dr.forgottenhisname clamped onto my skull and pulled out my poor tooth :( It'd only been chillin with the rest of the team for like a month! What a shame. I got to keep it though, as gross as that may be.
In other newz i'm on the final stretch with finishing my Essay, with an entire weekend to go before my deadline which is a new and amazing feeling for me. This should come as good news to some people because i've been complaining about it for the best part of a month.
Getting bellyaches for the big move now, In a few days my flight leaves for Baltimore where i'll be setting up camp for a good part of 2010. (as long as no-one tries to blow their gentailia up)
I'll no doubt use this blog to be all emo about being billy-no-mates and posting what fun stuff i get up to in class. Hope MICA has some bleechers so i can go be a rebel and sit under them, pretending to be Randal 'Pink' Floyd or Jordan Catalano.

Everyone go visit too.

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