Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Body In Photography

Mythology - Ariadnes Thread

This project was in response to Mythology, and what having your body means to you.

“Your body is what your emotional life, awareness and personal history have in common”

I was thinking about having my body, and using it to get somewhere, to get lost. With the story of the Labyrinth in mind, each person would choose a length of yarn they felt attached to. In Greek Mythology a length of yarn was used to guide Theseus to safety.
I related parts of the story to the world around me.
Daedalus made the labyrinth so cunningly that he himself could barely escape it

“Enclosed here, he loses life”

keep following your yarn, just like the blood in your veins.

This series is currently on display as part of the Second Semester show in MICA's main building.


This project was in response to the word Distort.

I was looking at intimacy, and how these images taken of my friends distort the meaning of closeness, and the entire process of photography.
Within one afternoon I had taken photos of 6 friends, but in Glasgow, Coventry, Detroit, Manchester, Sydney and right here in Baltimore, without having left my empty bedroom.

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