Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Happy Ian Curtis Day

I'm re-assesing how I use the internet for these things, and in general. At the moment I'm having most fun with photos, and will be posting updates on Cargo Collective. Also Flickr, but as this account is now downgraded this will be slower than before. Toms website breaks of 10 have a selection of recent photographs online also.
I've moved out of my Baltimore apartment, and am now staying with numerous friends before my flight to London. Currently in Michelle and Rivkahs basement .
Someone said the volcano is coming up roses again, plus British Airways have gone on strike, so i might be sticking around a while.
It's now May 2010 somehow, come September i'll be getting older and starting my final year at the ECA. I'm working on a photography book for Regina Deluise and different colour zines for myself. I have a black and white collection of photographs, Penny Dreadful, soon to be available via fourteen-nineteen, and their exciting new online store. I made some money getting my photo taken in New York and recently spent time putting together photographs for Jess Gough and
Otherwise, school is out. looks like i'll be around Baltimore/Brooklyn/London and Edinburgh until winter comes. For the most part dealing with the idea of transatlantic changes and the worrying feeling that i don't want to be anywhere. hope everyone is having fun